Overrun by CommanderFoo - Core Games

GAME NAME: Overrun
GAME VERSION: V1.0.6 / 0.2.1 Alpha
GAME LINK: Overrun by CommanderFoo - Core Games

The classic survival Zombies we all love. Heavily inspired by Zombies from Call of Duty.

This is a wave based game built for 1 - 4 players. A certain amount of Zombies will spawn each wave, getting harder to kill as the rounds progress. Hold up in an area with your friends, or go it alone and learn to master Zombie Trains.

The map takes inspiration from Nutetown but with some changes. In the future I would like to expand the map to more areas depending on interest.

Watch your back.

P.S. The Spitters are lethal.


  • Easter Egg
  • Ammo supply for upgraded weapons
  • More weapons?
  • More interesting Zombies
  • Leaderboards (left out while in alpha)
  • Limb damage (i.e headshots, arms, legs)
  • More polishing to a few areas of the map
  • Multiplayer bug squashing

0.2.1 [04/12/2020]

  • Reduced the game starting time to 10 seconds from 20 seconds
  • Reduced revive time from 20 to 15 seconds, quick revive will drop that to 10 seconds
  • Increased power ups on the map durtaion from 20 to 25 seconds
  • Increased the duration of the power up effect from 20 to 25 seconds
  • Increased money for basic Spitter from 100 to 120
  • Reduced basic Spitter damage from 40 to 30
  • Reduced basic Spitter range from 500 to 450
  • Reduced brute Spitter health from 400 to 350
  • Reduced brute Spitter damage from 50 to 40
  • Reduced brute Spitter range from 900 to 600
  • Reduced the cost of both house front barriers from 2000 to 1000
  • Reduced the cost of the basic Pistol ammo from 250 to 200

0.2 [04/12/2020]

  • Added player names above their head so you can see who is who

0.1.5 [04/12/2020]

  • Added additional measures to make sure equipment is destroyed correctly when player leaves

0.1.4 [04/12/2020]

  • Basic Spitter money for kill increased from 70 to 100
  • Basic Spitter damage lowered from 50 to 40
  • Basic Spitter range lowered from 600 to 500

0.1.3 [03/12/2020]

  • Fixed an issue with player joining late getting a moment to kill other players (was used for spawn protection)

0.1.2 [03/12/2020]

  • Fixed long string in notification for Spitters
  • Increased spawns and max spawns
  • Lower rounds (> 5) will have a chance to spawn less Spitters
  • Lowered amount of Splitters that spawn at special rounds
  • Fixed an issue with Zombie spawns not being counted correctly

0.1.1 [03/12/2020]

  • Fixed game image

0.1 [03/12/2020]

  • First public release



0.9 [29/12/2020]

  • 8% chance a pod can drop down and give buffs to random Zombies (health, damage, and steal your money when hit)
  • Heavy fog falloff reduced a tiny bit to help out those that are visually impaired (I found it too strong myself)
  • Heavy fog chance reduced from 10% to 8%
  • Solo players will now get 2 seconds of invulnerability (you can't hurt Zombies either) after self revive to help with spitter instant kill
  • Headshots added to all zombies and weapon damage. Zombies will take a damage increase if hit in the head (not including melee)
  • Crate sword and hammer were too strong at tier 1 and 2. Damaged reduced a little but both are more even for both attacks
  • Fixed ammo UI if you die with a melee weapon
  • Fixed typo in welcome slide
  • Late joiners will now get the current round sent to them a little sooner instead of it updating on next round
  • Fixed an issue with the crate not showing weapons if purchase is spammed really quickly
  • Added 2 new basic weapons (models from CC) to the crate (no special ones just yet)
  • Fixed crate text showing up as red if having exactly 950 money
  • Buffed Revolver damage for all 3 tiers
  • Various small fixes to some props clipping
  • Zombies health bar color will change if they have received a buff (helps with focusing on specific ones)
  • Credits UI updated with newest CC addition (weapon models)
  • Max ammo rewarded for destroying a pod
  • Pod damage will now award a small amount of money per hit
  • In world icon and distance to pod added to help locate them quicker
  • Increased tier 3 cost 7,500 to 10,000. Was too easy to get a tier 3 weapon
  • Headshots leaderboard added
  • Kills and rounds leaderboards reset
  • Pod health now scales per round (after round 4) and doubles per player
  • Player stats (press Q) UI
  • Fixed a critical revive bug with cross context function of the NPC code
  • Moved review progress bar down to prevent overlapping with most UI popups
  • "Support Me" perk pre work. Doesn't effect gameplay, adds "Supporter" title for others to see
  • Removed notification when players are down or dead, there was too much notification spam happening
  • Various minor under the hood tweaks