Overlapping Ability Bindings

I have 2 different weapons and each one gives different abilities, but the different abilities are assigned to the same keys.

Something like this:


  • weapon1-Ability1
  • weapon1-Ability2
  • weapon1-Ability3


  • weapon2-Ability1
  • weapon2-Ability2
  • weapon2-Ability3

The abilities are different for each of the weapons, but the key bindings are the same.

Since they use the same key bindings, the Ability Bindings are showing the icons for both weapons and are overlapping.

How do I get the Ability Bindings to only show for the correct weapons when they are equipped and not both? - They use different icons and different timers.

There are scripts called EquipmentSetIconClient and SetAbilityIconClientOptimized that I use for this, but for the life of me I can't remember where I got them initially. A lot of weapons under Community Content use them though. See The Carlos Blade by Standardcombo or Basic Sword and Shield Combo by Kingcreate for examples of how they work.

I'll try those out. Thanks a bunch!