Overide player camera

I am trying to override the player camera as stated in the examples provided at https://docs.coregames.com/api/player/#examples
But those examples have this line of code
local propTestCamera = script:GetCustomProperty("TestCamera")
and don't provide further info on it, i have no clue what this property type and value should be.

Does anybody know what this property should be?

Edit: the documentation at
says this:

World.SpawnAsset(string assetId, [table parameters])

so the property type is string but i still have no clue what it's value should be.

You can check out this tutorial here Scripting in Core (Intermediate) - Core Documentation

Thanks Stanzilla that tutorial explains better the process.

Sadly i had figured it out on my own and was already writing the following answer when i saw it.

I figured it out. The string assetId parameter of the World.SpawnAsset() function is a property of type Asset Reference that points to a Template of a Camera.

Now when making the template we can't just make a template directly from a camera because that camera will be created server side and we want a camera just for the player (client side).

What i did was a folder that contained a client context folder that contained a camera:

For the camera options i used:
Use as Default false
Use Camera Socket true

and turned this into a template.

Now i could create a property of type Asset Reference and give it my Template witch then i could load in the script like stated in the example but because my template is a folder with a camera and not a camera instead of doing:
player:SetOverrideCamera(overrideCamera, 1)
i had to do:
player:SetOverrideCamera(overrideCamera:FindDescendantByType("Camera"), 1)