On Trigger Play Vfx/Sfx (Effects)

TEMPLATE NAME: On Trigger Play Vfx/Sfx

Just one script that plays either a single sfx/vfx core object, or you can even attach an entire folder/group of vfx/sfx and the script will go through and play each core object. Magic!

How to use:

  1. Just take the "On Trigger Play Effects" script from your Project Content, and put it in a client context or default context (recommended to play effects in a client context).

  2. Select the script and attach the trigger + effect(s) you have to the beginOverlapEffects and/or endOverlapEffects property.

  3. Then finally, select true/false on the boolean if you'd like the effect to move to the trigger position and you are all done!

Settings on script:

All additional information here


Very useful! I love it when Community Content scripts include properties that make it so creators don't have to open up the script to edit it if they don't want to.

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