Object Collision

I'm a Maya user, but I've never delved into making games before.

My goal:
I scaled up "Tree Oak Bare" to a huge size so that I can add bridges and buildings and stuff to the branches that players can run around on.

The issue:
Collision on the tree is wonky. Some parts let the player pass right through, and others feel like invisible walls where you can't walk close to certain parts of the tree.

What I tried so far:
All I can think to do is set the tree's properties to Collision - Force On. No noticeable change

How can I improve the collision accuracy on the tree? Would building a tree from scratch in Maya help somehow?


Unfortunately for performance reasons, models often have somewhat simplified collision. It is possible that in the future we may add an option to use more detailed collision for cases like this, but that isn't available at the moment.

An approach I would take is to turn collision for the tree to Force Off, then build up the collision you need out of other pieces, and turn their visibility off.

Another approach would be to build the tree out of smaller parts yourself, which might also give you better visuals.

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Thanks Zurishimi

That gives me a few ideas. I've got some tinkering to do

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