Number of team

How many team could exists ?
seems it's 4, right ? no more ?

Not sure because in the Trigger Doc says the team can be anything from 0 to 4, being 0 Neutral (for every team I guess)
But in the Player Doc it says the default team is 255 and that it means FFA. Which may mean there can be 255 more teams from 0 to 254 :thinking:


4 teams and 1 team (team number 0) it's neutral yes, it's what i receive as answer in discord.

so, it's gery strange the 255 number you notice.....may be in future ? but (still in discord), people said me, we can have only 16 players so the team number can't be more the max number (and it's make sense)

lol, you're totally right! 4 seems enough for now