Npc spawn help

Hi guys! Great to be here and hope I'm in the right spot for this. so, I am trying to make npcs respawn in a set area after death. I used the ambush npc kit but its just not what I'm looking for. Or maybe it is and I don't know how to modify it properly. I want the npcs to be fully visible and respawn when killed. Would love some help with this :smiley: . Thanks!

Yes, use the ambush NPC kit, but swap out the scripts packaged with it. I forget the name of it but it's for changing from a proximity trigger to a static trigger If you click on the dependencies for the kit you'll see what I'm talking about. I'd be more helpful but I'm not somewhere I can access my Core client. It'll let you set custom respawn times. I've used the kit to set static spawn camps, quest triggered ambushes, and wandering monsters. It's a pretty powerful toolset.

Thanks a lot buddy! I kind of had a feeling I needed to do something to it. Ill give it a shot. Ill let you know after messing with it more :slight_smile: ++UPDATE Thanks a lot pazuzu! It ways the alwaysspawn script! I must have looked past it multiple times. Much appreciated!

Woo hoo! Awesome, I'm glad I could help.