NPC AI Kit- Waypoint Patrol Issue

So with the new animated mesh system I decided to go through and update all of my NPCs and spawners with the new meshes and the most recent version of the NPC AI Kit. I replaces waypoints and updated all of the NPC scripts and the Combat Dependencies to the newest versions. Now, for some reason, all of my patrolling NPCs are either walking through the air or through the hills in the terrain. They didn't do this before. Have I missed something?

It’s a problem with navmesh. Npc have a zone to allow walking. I delete the navmesh and now they are not fling anymore. They are walking on the terrain but they can pass over closed door and other elements. You can make a automatic navmesh but i can’t sucess to do that now … i try to add waypoint on my npc ennemis but it’s not working. I need to try again

Game : Brave of explorers