NPC AI Kit - Applying Damage

Hello everyone,

First a big thank you to Standardcombo for his NPC AI Kit! :slight_smile:

My problem is, that there are events like explosions in my game, that do not cause damage to the AI NPCs. Also, for some NPCs, I want to include special ways to fight them. For example due hitting a small area on their body. But I could not manage to deal damage directly to the NPC via script. Did anyone of you accomplish this? Is there a Broadcast I have missed or something similar?

Also, it would be nice, to drive a tank through or over for example a skeleton NPC instead of being stopped by him and even thrown through the air or pushed back by that NPC afterwards. Driving through them and dealing damage would another item I want to accomplish.

Thanks for any help!


Hi Marcel,

I am in the process of publishing version 0.12 of the NPC AI Kit. By the time you read this it may already be available. The most important change in this version is that it works by default with weapons and many of the systems that are setup to damage players.

If you want to specify sub-pieces on the body that take damage, but forward the damage to the NPC you could add child Damageable Objects and a script that listens to damage dealt to the body part. Then call ApplyDamage() on the Combat Wrapper, passing the attack data table. An example of how to setup attack data and call the Combat Wrapper can be found in the NPCAttackServer script.

I don't know anything about the interaction of tanks, but I suppose you could add triggers to the tank and detect collision with the NPC, then call the Combat Wrapper similar as above, damaging or killing the NPC.