New user with some general questions

Ok, so I'm new here and have been seriously checking things out and I have just a couple of questions that I'm having trouble finding a clear answer to

  1. Database support:
    I can see there are some inventory contributions that apply what seems like text based database like functions, but cant find anything on actual database usage, is there a current or future database model for developer use?

  2. I see there are games with max players set at a max amount (for example sake, let's say 6) does this mean that if there are 6 players currently in a game, that no more players can connect to said game until someone leaves?

I come from a place where there can be up to 200 players on a single map, major brand code (C#, java, etc.) and database (MySQL, MSSQL) support and am trying to navigate my mindset to migrate to this engine.

Any information will be appreciated, TIA

Hello and welcome to Core!

  1. You do not have to worry about things at the database level in Core. Everything is done via top level calls, such as with the storage functions. View Storage API

  2. For the max players in your example, only 6 players can join that instance of a game. Additional game instances are automatically spun up to handle additional players. So, for example, if 60 players wanted to play, then 10 separate game instances would be running.

Ok, I had read about instances and thought that may be the case, but I hate assuming so thank you for clearing that up, I will go ahead and assume that the 6 players in the first instance cannot really interact on the map with the 6 from the second instance, please correct me if this assumption is not accurate.

I am well versed in SQL and am very comfortable and skilled with populating and querying from tables with this method. I did look over the storage functions before I posted, and obviously it's nothing like SQL. 16kb seems very limited compared to facilitating an actual database where you can store all kinds of information that can be updated and queried at will, I am admittedly a data hoarder however so it seems I will have to curb that need somehow. Are there any tips or tricks I could use that would help me migrate from an SQL mindset over to the storage functions?

I think you will find that using storage functions is much simpler, and you will quickly get used to them. Basically Core does everything for you, so all you really need to supply is the data that you want to store.

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But as the author noted 16 kilobytes is not enough right would like the ability to store 64 kilobytes is for optimal all data storage