New Core Game! Simple Deathmatch Game Idea For Whoever Want Create!

Hi im looking to "Collaborate" with who ever wants to design our game. I dont want nothing in return just want to play it. I have a learning disability and I wont be able to know what to do to go about making my game. Think someone who knows what they doing could have done in a day. If u want u can put my name down for game idea and if u make good money off it maybe small % be nice.

So the good news is I think this should be super simple to make and no game exists like it on core. I call the game Doombringer! Its about a weapon called the Doombringer and it makes you powerful and used to sacrifice souls to get out of purgatory. The Doombringer is a deadly melee weapon that grants good maneuverability, health, and damage. So the game is a free for all death match that takes place in a barren wasteland. I was figuring the maker could use the sand dunes territory for easy map making and make the map as large as they think. On the map spawns the Doombringer and a map showing location to it even if a player wields it. I was figuring people would start off with some kind automatic rifle and sniper to hunt down the player and players trying to get the Doombringer. The goal of the game is to get the Doombringer and harvest a certain amount of kills with it to win. You can kill players with your starter weapons but they dont score points. Doombringer drops on death and players fight to position properly for a steal. I think the map should be large enough so that players can use their core mounts for gameplay positioning and hunting and such. When you have the Doombringer you cannot regain or heal life until death.

Anyone got any other cool ideas to throw in the game? I was thinking of trying to let community help develop game. I was thinking for perks the Doombringer can transform to a cool weapon skin the players want or maybe Doombringer wraps you with special armor skins. Maybe starter weapon skins if possible. I was thinking a sniper be a cool weapon to play with as a starter cuz the map pretty open besides the rolling dunes which u can peek up on. Assault rifle to for closer quarter or trying to secure the Doombringer.

Was thinking a global leaderboard be cool too, so we can see who has harvested the most souls with the Doombringer. Thanks for taking time to read this. Hope someone can help me out trying to play a good pvp game besides spellshock 2 all the time.