Networked Custom Property Limit ? ---- SetNetworkedCustomProperty?

I'm trying to understand how so use networked properties. The documentation reads

one of the few ways that the server can send data that a client context can respond to

I copied the code, put the scripts in client and server context, added a networked property, but the client never prints out anything. I've read the api overview and examples but I still have no idea how to use them.

------------------- EDIT: -------------------

Ok it was really simple, all I had to do was have a third object and make it networked + add networked properties to it, then I could change its values from the server context, and a client context script saw the changes.

But now the question is, how fast can you change the values and on how many networked objects at the same time?

The value is sent every 3-4 ticks. If you change it more often, then it just all values except the last one will be discarded.
If it remains the same, then it is not sent.

Bumping this topic because it will directly affect the game I'm making.

Currently it looks like there is no limit to rate or byte quantity you can set through networked objects but this is a bit open to abuse as you can send megabytes of data to clients.

I hope final limit will be at least around 1000 of networked properties per tick, this would let us make games with bunch of NPCs.

Could someone from Manticore team gave answers on what is the plan on finalized network limits?

Also note that current custom event limit of 10 per second or 128 bytes is extremely low, this is why I'm currently using NetworkedProperties, it would be really sad if NetworkedProperties was limited to same amount too.

bump for community sake.