Multiple Starting Weapons

Hey all! I have a starting weapon working, but I'm trying to figure out how to have more than one weapon from the start and be able to switch between weapons.

Is this something that is somewhat easily doable? I have searched for this unsuccessfully. Does anyone know how to do this or does someone know of a tutorial on this? I read the one on making a starting weapon, but that's just for having one at a time.

In community content you can search for "Quick Weapon Switcher 2" by Buckmonster. Drag it into the hierarchy and you are good to go.

Looks like this.

Hope that helps!


No problem! If you have any trouble. Let the forum or Discord know and we can probably walk you through it.

This should help a lot. I kind of needed to figure out the right direction to go with this. I wasn't sure if there was just something I was missing in the starting weapon template or if I needed something more like what you linked. I also found another one called Weapon Buy Menu, which I may be able to modify a bit to fit into something that will work. But I'm going to try Quick Weapon Switcher 2 tomorrow when I get a chance to sit down with it.