Multiplayer but Solo specific

I am trying to create my first game, it's like an adventure/dungeon crawl game. I have multiple floors, doors, secret areas, and big plans for finishing it out. However, I want the doors to be locked until a certain condition has been met. Is that possible somehow?

Additionally, I would like each door unlock to be player specific. For example if there are three players in the game, and the first door unlocks at character level 3, I only want players level 3 or above to pass freely through the door while locking out players level 2 and below. Is that possible? Or am I dreaming too big?

I do have some coding background, and I saw there are some code inputs that can be inserted into objects. I haven't fully checked those out yet, but plan on doing that in the near future after I finish the actual map and decorations.

Thanks in advanced for your help!

Do like an if statement with a condition of a player being in a certain radius to open a door.
You can then check values of their level

I thought about that originally, but I couldn't find the spot in the door properties to add any conditional statements. Where do I find the spot in properties to add a conditional?

I am pretty new to Core, lol, but I think you have to do this through a script.

Thanks for the help! I've been looking into this but still can't figure it out. I know how to do it in Unreal Engine from Epic Games. I think I'll switch back to there for a bit and come back once I've figured out how to add a player level check and properly integrate scripts.