Moving from Unity. I'm battling with capture points

Hi people,
I've been developing games for years in Unity and am completely comfortable with C# and the Unity environment. I've decided it's time for a change and have chosen Core as my new platform. I have a (I think) conceptual problem which probably comes from my C# and Unity experience. Let me explain:

I'm want to create a custom Capture Point (I think). My capture point needs to do a couple of things that the provided Capture Points don't seem to do. I want say 5 capture points in my map. All of them locked by default bar 1. The 1 that is unlocked is neutral and can be captured by either team. When a team finally captures the point I want the next capture point to be unlocked. The next Capture point will be determined by which team unlocks the first point. So, although there is a sequence, the sequence is determined by the team that is on top.

Also, as a point is captured, I want to change the location of the "team bases", to change the re-spawn locations as the game progresses.

That's it in a nut shell. I can do all of the above in C# in Unity, but I'm struggling to see how to do it in Core.

Am I missing something really obvious? Probably! Does anyone have any suggestions?

I am grateful for any help.