Movement in arcs

I was recently trying to move an object in a spiral. The object geometry, defined in a client context, was referenced by a server script. I moved it using MoveTo and experimented with different time steps (I controlled the whole thing by spawning events at a fixed interval to calculate the incremental movement, the same interval was used in the MoveTo).

I needed reasonably small increments (0.1s) to give a smooth curve to the motion and all looked good when I ran everything locally as a single client (shift + play in the editor). As soon as I moved to a server-client run (just a normal mp play in the editor) the object motion was noticeably jerky. I assume this is some issue with the update frequency from the server.

Increasing the time increment improved the smoothness of the motion, but changed the appearance of the curved motion to a sequence of straight lines (as you would expect).

What would be the correct way to achieve this? I can't move the object from the client side as I need it to be a networked object.