Moba Like Game State


I'm now making a Moba like game and I have some problems.

Is there a Game State for games like Moba ?
If my base is destroyed team 1 loose the game, or team 2 win the game with ability to play a sound win or loose and return to lobby.
I can only find Round State with number of kills, last one alive etc...

Also, I have made NPC and a Base like (with the NPC kit of community) but can't find a way to show their life in the UI. Is there a way to show it ?
(I don't know Lua script and really not good at coding...)

Thanks again for your help.


I can only find Round State with number of kills, last one alive etc...

you are correct those are the only ones currently there. The game state system is all built in core and set up so that creators can add their own custom pieces to it, but unfortunately that involves some scripting. These are some great suggestions for pieces we should add.

As for NPC ui, do they show healthbars over themselves, but you want something persistent in the UI, or do they not show any?

Hey Naloulou,

I'm still developing the NPC Kit (work in progress) there's no way to show their hitpoints right now, but that's a great suggestion and I'll add it. I'm also building a moba and will use it to advance the NPC Kit. This is a new genre that hasn't been developed in Core yet, so there is still a lot of pieces missing that we all need to create. I'll continue to post my developments publicly so you can use those pieces in your moba too!

Thanks you both for your answer :slight_smile:
Healthbars over NPC and a persistent life bar for the base in the UI.

I'll wait more to continue this game so and will work on another projet.
You all do a great job ^^

Thanks Again :smiley: