Mixing indoor and outdoor lighting

I have a cave with a door in an area with a Skylight. If I set the Skylight Intensity parameter to 0, I get perfect darkness that the player can then explore with the aid of a separate light source (torch). However, I then have no natural light outside. If I have a skylight Intensity value greater than 0 then I have ambient light in the cave from the Skylight.

I assume the solution is linked to using Skylight Adjustment Volume, but I can't figure out how to get both normal daylight outside and pitch black zero light inside. Any help much appreciated.

Would a trigger event when walking into a cave work? And then change it to pitch black until the trigger is hit again?


Hey, thanks, good suggestion. Unfortunately, it does not work well when there is more than one player in the session. I appreciate I could do the cave as a separate game and use the door as a portal, or take advantage of the the new scenes perhaps, but I hoped there was just a simpler, more elegant solution.

Ah, it is Skylight Adjustment Volume, it works perfectly. I think I must have failed to assign the Skylight to it :woman_facepalming: when I was testing before.