Merging terrains

I am currently in the progress of trying to make an open world, but now my 128x128 terrain has become too small. Since you cannot have 2 primary terrains, is it possible to merge 2 different terrains into one, so that I do not have to keep generating bigger terrains every time I run out of space?

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I dont think so, I just start with the biggest piece of terrain I can make, and if I have more space than content, I block the empty areas off until I decide to fill them. If you're going open world, start with as much land as you can.

I suppose you were referring to a terrain of 1024x1024... if you increase the voxel size from 1 to 10 (say, a 3d pixel) you can get a maximum terrain of 1024 x 1024, but 10 times bigger ... really huge... but if what you want is an open world (world of warcraft type) you will have to use child games, portals and that kind of thing (you cannot link maps to make them bigger)

Thanks! That helps a lot... now to find out how to link games etc....

Thank you, I do hope they will add terrain merging in the future though, would make it much easier to create a world

They are going to add the scenes feature which will probably allow you to have multiple terrains, but in different scenes. This will reduce the need for linked games, I think.