Mekawars - PVP

GAME NAME: Mekawars
GAME VERSION: 1.0.0 please update
GAME LINK: * MekaWars - PVP by DrYogi11 - Core Games

Made for Mekaverse Game Jam
(Multiplayer PVP Battles)
Mekawars is the platform to hosts battles to settle territory feuds between factions or conflicts between members of the same factions. These fights occur only when verbal diplomatic solutions have been exhausted, but in a highly controlled environment. They are not in any way glorified, nor is a public audience permitted. While there may be unfortunate, fatal consequences, it is perceived as a better option than wreaking havoc on a more populated, innocent area of the Mekaverse.
Currently Game Features 4 Game Modes and 4 Maps

Special Thanks for CC Creators -

Sniper Alley Killboard by WaveParadigm
Universal Object Spawner by StandardCombo
Urban Sci-Fi Buildings by XRStudio
MekaCostumes By Manticore
PlayrList by CoreAcademy
Sniper Alley Aircrafts by Bigglebuns

Adding New Maps and Game Modes in future