Making Object based Melee Weapons that expire? (or destroy with use)

Hey everyone.

Art/building/modeling guy here. New to CORE and loving it. I was wondering if possible, could someone assist me with an experiment?

I'd like to fit a piece of wood or some other inanimate object to an object** based weapon (know how to do this) and use it as a weapon. Too easy, got this part figured out.

I'd like this object/"weapon" to deal damage but also sustain damage as it is used. Like a diminishing life with use. Hence driving the player to have to replace it once it ceases to exist.

(Rev)***Slinkous made an awesome Twitch stream on a diminishing, projectile shooting weapon. I've been trying to kitbash that script to work on an object-based, melee weapon and haven't gotten it yet..

I don't expect anyone to do this coding for me, by any means, but could someone guide me in a direction?

(Please use basic terms as if you were directing a small child) LOL

Thanks in advance. Any assistance or guidance would be greatly appreciated....


So the only difference between what I did for the projectile weapon and this one is getting an event for when the weapon connects and does damage.

right there, when it make a new Damage (line 68), that's when you would also want to damage the weapon.

This is the EquipmentMeleeAttacksServer inside the server folder or a melee weapon (I think I was looking at Advanced Staff)

You Rock SLinkous!~