Lumen Arena

GAME NAME: Lumen Arena
GAME LINK: Link to your game on Lumen Arena by LumenDev - Core Games

Legendary Weapons, Fast Paced Combats, Diverse Worlds To Explore, New Skills To Unlock; That is Lumen Arena.
A place for casual gamers to have a good time
A place for competitive players to test their skills to the fullest.
Have fun exploring, leveling up as you face other players and various neutral enemies that populate the maps.
Don't take NPCs lightly, some protect great rewards for your weaponry.

Have you ever dreamed of fighting alongside your pet, having an arsenal of more than 30 weapons and fighting on more than 6 maps? Me too. That is the vision of Lumen Arena, to become a place not only to fight, but to experience the invaluable sensation of becoming more powerful as you fight inside the Arena.

*V1.0.44 - Initial release ---[V1.0.25]---



V1.0.44 - May 31, 2021

Special Thanks To the Lord Of Code (you know who u are ;D) & Manticore Team (specially standard combo) for providing a lot of usefull Tools to make things a lot easier.

---Massive Update---

The wait was long and there was too much work going on to make Lumen a great place to have fun.

  • 20 Weapons in Total (over 10 New Weapons)

  • Improvements in all visual and sound effects

  • New Skills For players, depending on their level and equipped weapon.

  • Each Enemy NPC dies in a different way.

  • Day and Night Cycle

  • Severe Balance Changes

  • Many New Places Added within each Map

  • Re-made User Interface.


---New Game Mechanics--

*New Level Up System

*Leveling up inside Lumen Arena will unlock better weapons to fight!

(This Means You Have To Reach Certain Level To Equip More Powerfull Loot)

  • +3 HitPoints Per Level

*New Inventory System (YES! Now you can grab up to 4 weapons, choose wisely ;D)

*New PickUp System (Now NPCs drop loot! some say they could drop weapons too...)

*New Tutorial! (yes, it explains anyone How To Play, Toggle it by pressing T)

*New UI (UI Redone)

*New Welcome Message


*Bone Breaker, High Precision Assault Rifle (Spawns in the ice map)

*The Reaper, Pistol (Spawns in the psychodellic theme map)

*DeadSouls Releaser (Req LvL 20), Short & Long Range Sword (Dropped By Skeletons)

*Draconic Red Soul(Req LvL 15), Magical Pistol (Dropped By Red Dragons)

*Draconic Desertic Soul (Req LvL 24), Magical Pistol (Dropped By Desertic Dragons)

*Gelid Draconic Soul (Req LvL 30), Magical Pistol (Dropped By Ice Dragons)

---Balance & VFX Changes ---
*All the weapons VFX Reworked.

*Now you start armed with the reaper pistol

*SlowMotion Assault Rifle Bullets now Travel faster! (they are no longer... that slow...)

*SlowMotion Assault Rifle Attack Rate Increased

*SlowMotion Assault Rifle Damage Reduced from 15 per bullet to 12

*Beam XJ77 Damage boost From 7 per bullet to 12.

*Skull Shotgun Pellets Reduced from 28 per shoot to 20 (now it deals slightly less damage)

---[Map 1 Changes]---

*Added Neutral Health PickUps

*Improved VFX of Spawned Guns

*Added a new lobby place

*Portal VFX Reworked (Now you spot it faster)

*Added More Nature

*Added a Teleport to the flying river (yes! a new strategic fighting spot)

*Added a New Point of interest with a NPCS encounter (maybe it hides another cool weapon? :O)

*Reduced the size of some walls (now you can double jump and be on top of them, parkour where? ;D)

*Added a decorative super broken gun (is protected by an unpenetrable shield, don't try to grab it... there...)

---[Map 2 Changes]---

*Added Several New NPCS Spawning Spots

*Added a Decorative (but not passive) Giant Dragon

*Added a new Small Desertic Wizzard House (Point of Interest)

*Added Several Decorative Props (Now the island looks even better than before)

*Added Several Basic Weapons Spawning Spots

*Populated the whole island with more objects, so it feels less empty and looks more beautifull than before :slight_smile:

---Added several new points of interest---

*The skeletons tree camp (They guard a better weapon)

*La cabaña (hides a better weapon)

*Modern House ( hides a better weapon)

*The all seeing tower (Hides a better weapon)

*Spaceman crashing spot

*Several new tiny spots with classic weapons inside (so you can swap or grab a different weapon near any point of the map)

---[New Weapons Added]---

*Skull Shotgun (Better than its predecessor is capable of throwring 24 pellets per shot and... bones)

*Unmaker Pistol (Classic pistol with a powerfull shot and damage)

*Beam XL77 (Futuristic Sniper rifle with tactical advantages)

---[NPCS Balance Changes]---
*Sword Skeletons HP Increased
*Marksman Skeletons Attack Rate Increased
*Desert Dragon HP, Attack Rate & Attack range Increased (they are no longer innocent baby dragons)
*Green Dragon HP & Attack Range Increased (prepare to die against this green beast, no don't lol about it, i'm serious.)


*Added Red Dragons

*Added Swordsman Skeleton

*Added Marksman Skeleton

*Added Protectron 3000

*Added Desert Dragon

*Added Green Dragon

---------------------[[Map 3]]--------------------------------------

*Added MAP 3 ICELAND (YES! Lets Fight in the ice boysss)

*Added a New Npc Class: Ice Dragons

*Added Water in some spots of the map making gelid water fights possible.

*Added a unrealistic bridge above the cave to give players the capability of great jump kills

*Added Gelid Tower (Point of Interest)

[Work In Progress]

--More Unlockable Weapons (only those with a higher level will have the honor of carrying such beasts)

--Map 4 (GreenLand)

---Easter Egg---

Search it ;D

Note from the developer: I really do hope you enjoy playing my game and believe me that i will be really really happy to read your feedback with your overall experience inside the game or if you find out any buggs inside so i can inmediately work on it. Stay Tuned, the work in progress should be done soon. Have fun! And remember, Don't rage quit! ;D*

*If you have any idea, suggestion or feedback about my game please don't hesitate in private messaging me! and if you guys do enjoy my game, i would really appreciate you guys thumbs up my game, i'm working really really hard on it cuz i want it be one of the bests games ever made inside of core.