Luampa Race Worlds

GAME NAME: Luampa Race Worlds
PLAYER COUNT: 1 to 8 Players
GAME VERSION: v1.0.311 **
GAME LINK: Luampa Race Worlds by Arcasis - Core Games
Welcome to Luampa Race Worlds, your portal to new Race experiences!
Play to earn XP, coins, and Core Reward Points. XP in each gametype unlocks unique vehicles for purchase. Visit your garage to view your vehicle collections and choose your default vehicle for Race World gametypes. Race to beat other players and your best times on Luampa Race tracks, and spawn with your squad in Luampa Battle, racing and fighting to be the team that captures the most hills.

Join Events to earn the playtest Helmet, and see other creative helmets in our cosmetics shop.

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Team Umpa Luampas is:
Arcasis - Game Design, Map Design, Battle Trucks Design, Helmets Design
TaoOfChaos - Game Design, Programmer, Thrashed Battle Trucks, Playtest/Event helmet

Special Thanks! to:
Tedathore - support and being such a great playtest host
Team META - META Leaderboards CC, Battle Trucks, Race Framework
Divide - programming assistance for loop camera
iExpulsion - AuroraFX CC (RGB used on Portal), lua table instruction
varglbargl - Cartoon City Skyline CC (Neon World)
Daddio - Ducky Swimring CC (used on a kart)
_UnknownCreator - Park Grill CC (Neon World)

  • New map and mode
  • More statistics visible from Main Menu
  • AI Bots to play against when there are no other players


  • New mode added, Battle Hill, where teams spawn in a truck with a turret and battle to capture hills for points
  • Battle and Race have new trucks and karts that unlock by playing
  • New Ranks and Rank icons, that display in the scoreboard
  • New Statistics and XP systems
  • A Main Menu where players can see their truck and kart garages, purchase helmets, and view their statistics
  • Matchmaking system that condenses players for maximum fun


Come play, find the game devs in Luampa and get the chance to earn extra coins for purchasing your unlocked vehicles.

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Trailer Teaser:

[Luampa Racing Worlds Teaser Promo - YouTube]

Congrats guys it's looking great. You've worked so hard to get it up and ready for launch.
It's be a fun ride play testing and chasing away those bugs.


Thank you so much for the help, and gathering folks to help playtest! Glad you like it.

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Thanks julia you have been really helpfull even when you and driving does not goes together :smiley:

I think its a good MVP and most people can play it without major issues wich feels like a accomplishment after all the painfull glithchy testings :smiley:

time for the next proyect!

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Too funny Arq :rofl:

See you at the Event Luampa Race Worlds Double XP

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