Lua/Core Programming book?

I am trying to better understand lua scripting in core, does anyone have any great resources on how to learn Lua scripting? I know on Udemy there are some Roblox courses I would think I could look on there for reference.. Will Udemy ever have a Core programming course? Any help is appreciated or point me in a good direction.

I have found this online free book "Programming in Lua" book by Roberto Ierusalimschy. while I was browsing around scripting tutorials but I would like to know if there are other resources as well.. Thanks :slight_smile:

I've been watching the Core Academy YouTube videos, but much of those are out of date and some of the things they teach you don't even work with the new Core Editor. I'm also curious to learn more and have been scouring the internet and YouTube for the best places to learn other than loading up people's projects and deconstructing them which takes a ton of time.

Yeah, I agree the core academy needs some love on youtube.. No more videos or any up to date ones...