Low Light Game Studios

Hello, My name is OUTA mygaminmind but to keep things simple lets just use my real name, antonio. today I would like to introduce my new game studio I am launching called Low Light Game Studios. Basically all this means is that all my games from now on will have the Official Low Light Game Studios discord server link in the description, oh and also right here: Official Low Light Game Studios. I hope to make games that will be enjoyed and I really really am looking forward to the future of this studio and I hope to eventually grow the team because currently its just me pittering my way through learning as I go. I have one game already out right now and it can be found simply by searching halo on core. All the halo grey team games are parts of a single game and I do have story planned for the near future (late 2021/beginning 2022) and I have one game of a completely different caliber coming soon (mid march to late april 2021) and two more unannounced titles coming late 2021 to mid 2022. all games for now will be made using core hence why I am posting this here and I hope that all of you look forward to this as much as I do. I have dreamed of being a game designer since childhood and now that dream is coming true. thank you Core and thank you fans of halo grey team and thank you to my family for raising me not to be a quitter.

Peace and have a good day - Antonio R. aka OUTA mygaminmind