Looking for Programmer / working on fps spellcasting arena 1v1 & 2v2 multiplayer

Hi everyone! I am a experienced level designer and have lots of content you can check out on my protfolio or youtube channel here:

Contact me: Soldat Du Christ#7300

I'm looking for a parter who is experienced with programming and would be excited to work on a high quality FPS arena multiplayer game

This pictures below is a Work in progress of 'Fantasia' One of the debut multiplayer arena maps, with more planned to come, and a hub world linking them together.

The players can pick up and use 1 of 4 magic elements found around the map
each of these have a primary, secondary, and ultimate attack, each having their own unique properties

Balenced and elegant / Fast Projectile speeds

Slower Projectile speeds / Larger AOE and wider Knockback

Hitscan projectiles with limited range / primary fire shoots 5 bolts out of each hand like a shotgun

Slowest Projectile with the most generously sized hitbox / Ultimate Casts a slow moving tornado that lifts you or enemy players into the air

These are the four main elements that need to be worked on

Besides the base mechanics, but there also needs to a pre-match lobby system, where players can see who is present in the game, with the option to switch teams, and agree to 'start match'
player counts will depend on what the map can support.

There will be more things that come up along the way but they will be extra, these features are the absolute minimum for the Minimum viable product i aim to deliver.

Best way to reach out to me if you are interested is on discord: Soldat Du Christ#7300
Or share your own discord here in response to the thread... Thanks! :slight_smile: