Looking for a level designer and modeler for a new type of survival game

I'm currently in the design phase of a new type of survival game, set in an isolated indoor (either retro or modern, depending on artist vision) sci-fi environment like a bunker or spacestation. The hope is to create an experiment for cooperative, non-PvE/PvP gameplay that I'd like to flesh out in Core first before moving onto a standalone product. Since I'll be taking on game design and most if not all of the programming, I'm looking for someone who can help with the following:

  • Level design: take a description of the environment and turn it into an appropriately-sized, interesting place with lots of nooks and crannies. The level design will be much affected by the game design, so this will really be a collaboration.
  • Modelling: Someone to take concept art/rough ideas and turn them into an actual level with props, create items, equipment, clothing.
  • UI artist: Later on we'll also require someone to replace all the programmer art into actual decent UI.

I work full-time so I'm not expecting a big time commitment from either myself or potential collaborators, as long as something is done on a weekly basis. Although I'm on EU time I'm open to working with people from all timezones.

You can message me on these forums or contact me on Discord (BigMistake#6369) or Steam (BigMistake).

surely we can help you.
Scott Walter