Looking for a creative collaborator for a Fantasy PVP game

I'm in the planning stages of a game that I would like to prototype in Core, and I'm looking for someone to help with the creative side of things. I'm creating a fantasy PVP game with a large open world where players fight over resources using magic and melee. I will take care of all of the programming and game logic, but I need someone with a more artistic touch to build out the world and create custom assets such as armor, weapons, and spell effects.

This would be a perfect role for someone who loves using the terrain editor and creating models but might not have the patience to learn the scripting side of things or doesn't necessarily care for game design (I have most of the game mechanics planned out, but I would certainly be open to having someone to collaborate on the game design with). It would be a huge plus to have 2d concept art skills as well.

Here is roughly the scope of the minimum art assets needed for the game:

  • 1 large open world map, featuring a city in the center and small camps out in the wilderness
  • 4 different melee weapon models
  • 4 sets of armor models
  • 22 spell effects

If the game takes off and there is some monetization involved, we would of course work out some kind of profit sharing plan. Because of this I will only be collaborating with someone over the age of 18. If anyone is interested you can either send me a PM on the forums or you can find me on Discord.