Let's Build! #15 - Carry Crates and Pressure Plates

Date: 25 Jan. 2022

Goal of this session

Place crates that you can carry and drop them on pressure plates to trigger actions in your game.


What we covered

  • Physics Objects
  • Equipment
  • Custom Animation (IK Anchor)
  • Events.Broadcast
  • Trigger
  • Resources


Let's Build #15 - Carry Crates and Pressure Plates

Timecodes of each part

0:00 Crate Physics Object
17:35 Crate Equipment
28:00 Place Ability
34:00 Connecting Scripts
37:50 Fix Box Position
49:30 Pressure Plate
59:58 Weighted Pressure Plates
1:09:00 Crate Custom Weight

Template of the system

PBT file (drop it in your Core window and then drag and drop the template in your scene)