Let's Build! #14 - Kettle and Mugs

Date: 18 Jan. 2022

Goal of this session

Make a kettle to fill mugs and spawn health mugs.


What we covered

  • Equipment
  • World.SpawnAsset
  • Custom Properties
  • Animation Stance and Custom animations with IK Anchor
  • Events.Broadcast


Let's Build #14 - Kettle and Mug

Timecodes of each part

0:00 Kettle Equipment
26:00 Fill Animation
40:40 Water VFX
52:55 Multiplayer Sync
01:01:30 Player Movements
01:06:00 Spawn Health Resource

Template of the system

PBT file (drop it in your Core window and then drag and drop the template in your scene)

Great template you have provided.I appreciate it. Let me know if this template would work out for GMB Scraper which provides the growth and gain a competitive edge in the market!