Let's Build! #13 - Colors Puzzle Minigame

Date: 11 Jan. 2022

Goal of this session

Make a puzzle minigame where players can access rooms if they have a specific color.


What we covered

  • Equipment
  • SetColor of a Mesh
  • Resources
  • Team Collision on objects
  • World.SpawnAsset to spawn VFX


Let's Build! #13 - Colors Puzzle Minigame

Timecodes of each part

0:00 Player Costume
8:10 Update costume color (Singleplayer)
18:00 Update costume color (Multiplayer)
32:16 Splash effect
46:30 Apply color to nearby players
53:00 Team Collision
01:01:00 Mixing colors
01:04:00 System overview

Template of the system

PBT file (drop it in your Core window and then drag and drop the template in your scene)

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