Let's Build! #12 - Paparazzi Camera

Date: 04 Jan. 2022

Goal of this session

Make a camera that can take pictures and display them in the world. This must be synchronized between all players.


What we covered

  • Player Camera and Camera Capture
  • Equipment
  • Ability
  • BroadcastToServer BroadcastToAllPlayers
  • Binding Set and actionPressedEvent


Let's Build! #12 - Paparazzi Camera

Timecodes of each part

0:00 Capture Camera
16:30 Key Binging and Flash Effect
21:30 Binoculars Equipment and Capture Ability
43:30 Sync between players

Template of the system

PBT file (drop it in your Core window and then drag and drop the template in your scene)


Thank you for this Let's Build session. I'm looking forward to trying this out after re-watching the tutorial :fist_right: :fist_left:

I can see a polaroid type UI working well with this :camera_flash:

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Thanks for the session. I love it and I have a couple of ideas to apply it.

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