Leading Zeroes not showing in Time display for global leaderboard

When a time post to the leaderboard I am using it does not show a zero if the time is something like 12:05. It instead shows like 12: 5

Would love help figuring out how to make it display properly. Issue is... I am not sure which script is the culprit where this needs to be addressed. I have added an item to public core content with the name "Time NOT Showing Zero". Feel free to load that into a blank project. The catch is that you have to start the timer... then run over the pad to kill the player and try and do that to get a zero time as seen here.

Basically you have to do what is in the video seen here... https://www.loom.com/share/653f84e05ba94d72b963682689934765

Thanks so much for the help! So close on this and it has all been due to the community.

Taking it further. Booradley also worked with me in the discord channel and offered up the following code to make time go from seconds and milleseconds to (ss:mm) to minutes, seconds, and milleseconds (mm:ss:mm) which is exactly what I needed. Check it out...

local scorestring
if totalseconds > 60 then
local minutes = math.floor(totalseconds / 60)
local seconds = totalseconds % 60
scorestring = string.format("%d:%02d:%02d", minutes, seconds, milseconds)
scorestring = string.format("%d:%02d", totalseconds, milseconds)

Since you are saving numbers to use as your time and turning them into a string you will need to format them appropriately.

Change line 31 in the video to:

local scorestring = string.format("%d:%02d", totalseconds, milseconds)

The %02d will format the milseconds input to always be 2 characters long

Yessss! That totally did the trick and THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!