[Kitbashing-Tutorial] How To Make Anything Become A Weapon

GUIDE TITLE: How To Make Anything Become A Weapon By LumenDev (Kitbashing Tutorial)
ESTIMATED COMPLETION TIME: 10-40 Minutes recommended.
CORE VERSION: 1.0.219 (Current Version at the time: 10/10/2021)

SUGGESTED PREREQUISITES: None. This Tutorial was designed for Beginners however if you are an advanced user i highly recommend that you skip the first video and watch the second video (Polishment) and the third one (Hands Down on the Editor)

Kitbashing , Modeling & Creating 2 weapons as an example of the possibilities of what you can build using the editor, Using only cubes & Basic 3D Shapes.

1: Basic concepts (Video 1)
2:Creating the art of a weapon from scratch (Video 1& 2)
3:Creating Weapon Projectile (Video 1&2)
4:How to implement a model visual effects witouth failing on the attempt (Video 2)
5:How to polish your creation (Video 2 & 3)
6:How to work with materials & create custom materials (Video 2)
7:How to set-up the animations & sockets for any Weapon(Video 1 & 2)



Before starting i want you to know the information contained within this tutorial: the first part containing the first video (Video 1 , 10 mins long)

Will explain how to create a weapon from scratch using a empty project.

The second part (Video 2 , 25 mins long)
Explains how to polish it so that at the end of the tutorial you have a polished and functional product. Aimed to teach the basic concepts, with some tips & tricks for advanced users. Additionally i recorded the sessions without music or voice so you pick your favourite music, meanwhile watching and reading the videos.

The first thing you have to know is that anything you could imagine, you can create it with the basic shapes.
Honouring these words we are going to develop step by step a magical cube weapon in the video below.

[VIDEO 1 - Functionality] Creating The Weapon - Basic Concepts (10 mins long)

Ok, now that we have a really basic weapon with its custom animations & models. we are going to polish It.
Because we want an amazing looking weapon, and not only a basic cube floating around witouth textures or vfx (Visual Effects) .

[VIDEO 2 - Kitbashing + Polishment] Polishment of The Weapon - Kitbashing (25 mins long)

Great! So far you have learned everything required to create an abstract weapon , But what if you want to create a "Real sci-fi gun?" This is a bonus video, featuring a full session of hands down on the editor.
Sit back, play your favourite music and enjoy the whole creation process by using only basic shapes.
I didn't add any kind of text or explaination into this bonus video because i'm assuming that you know the basics or have completed the first 2 videos. Additionaly when you are finished with the gun, you can paint it as you want to have a finished product as the one shown in the pictures above.

CONGRATULATIONS! You have finished the tutorial!

Additionaly if you want to download the project
search for it inside the Community projects category as shown in the image below.
I highly encourage you to do so. Because by doing so you can clarify all the concepts explained in the videos by looking directly at the weapons files.