Kickstart City Map

TEMPLATE NAME: Kickstart City Map

1.1.0 - Added missing Sky Environment

A large sized city map to kickstart your game project with.

This City Map was designed to be a "Starter" template to be modified
and customized according to your game/project needs.

This map features

  • 10 city blocks
  • A Central Park that spans 2 city blocks (in addition to the 10 city blocks)
  • A River Canal
  • A Boardwalk Shopping Area next to the Canal (spans two city block)
  • Some nature areas
  • Low Poly buildings which you can modify or replace with your own
  • A combination of two way and one-way streets.
  • Street and traffic lights setup everywhere.
  • Streetlights with lighting (great for slightly darker to darker city builds)
  • Park Water Fountain Area and feature.
  • Bridges which cross the city river canal
  • None Rigidly designed low poly buildings.
  • Walling around the city to self-contain the build itself.
  • Assets organized into easy to find folders/grouping.
  • Relatively Low object count (use of merged mesh on a number of things for optimization)

The map layout was inspired from watching Japanese City Tour videos although easy to adapt to any style of city.

All the buildings in the city are designed to be generalized low poly buildings.
Intended to be modified or replaced to suit different game needs or goals.
There's not a lot of prop clutter nor are the buildings rigidly defined or complex.

Vehicles were used in the play testing and development of the map while it was being constructed.

I wanted to make a map that was a solid starting point for city game/projects, but not be exceptionally rigid about the types of buildings. A map which could be systematically modified to incorporate whatever the builder/developer wishes to have in a city. Be it a department store, police station, gas station, city hall, hospital, little shops and the likes and place those things were desired. Hence the name "Kickstart City Map".

Have a Great Game and Enjoy.

My Discord contact: Chaz Scholton (XRStudio)#0990

Update 1.1.0
Added missing Sky Environment
Minor Street Light update.

1.0.0 - Initial release


The Buildings are low poly, modify or replace to suit your needs

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