Jump Dudes

GAME NAME: Jump Dudes
PLAYER COUNT: 2-16 players
GAME LINK: Jump Dudes by Thibault - Core Games

Jump Dudes is inspired by one of the best mini-game from the videogame Fall Guys.
Up to 16 players stand on platforms that fall down progressively. They have to jump above rotating poles in order to stay on the platforms!
Now, there are also cannons that launch on a random frequency big ballons to make the task harder. They can be triggered by players roaming around the arena (possible if they fell or joined the server during the round).
The winner is the last player standing.

I plan to release a visual update for Christmas, with a Christmas-themed map (snow, snowmen, etc.)
I do not have future additions or enhancements in mind, but I'm looking for feedback in order to know what could be added!


1.0.0 - Initial release
1.0.1 - Player nameplates added (woops)
1.0.2 - Global wins leader board added
1.0.3 - Cannons added, physics enhanced
1.0.4 - Sound and visual effects added to cannons


It's hard to have players come naturally in the game so I'd love to hear about your thoughts on my game! (I wanna know if it's fun only for me haha)

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winter update

Winter update is ready and will go live on December 1st!

I mainly worked on the lobby and the global visuals. Until then it was all empty but it is now a cool, fun place to explore! So people can roam around the lobby while waiting for players to join or for the round to end.
I also fixed an issue where players could cause the game to softlock and worked on perfomance issues.

Here are some exclusive screenshots of Jump Dudes Winter Update!

And a little bonus: there is a wearable Christmas hat!

I can't wait to release this update.
Cheers everyone!


Surprisingly simple and fun :smiley:

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  • Solo mode was added! Play whenever you want and try to beat your best survival time!
  • New leaderboard that shows who survived for the longest!


  • Christmas hats now disappear when players wearing them leave the game (although it was fun to see hats floating around)
  • Global total wins leaderboard was tracking session total wins, it is now fixed! (and previous scores were kept)
  • While on the platforms, players thrown away to the ground will be eliminated, preventing them to softlock the game if they don't intentionnally die.
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New update!

This is my first game on Core and it is near its one-year anniversary, so I decided to put a little update on it, mostly to add Reputation Points to the game.

Here is the changelog:

10/31/2021 - v1.0.16


  • Added RP points to the game!
    You can win some by connecting daily, entering rounds and winning games.
  • Code and game logic overhauled
  • UI overhauled