Island Survival Alpha

GAME NAME: Island Survival Alpha
GAME LINK: Island Survival Alpha by randomphantom - Core Games

You wake up on an island that is teeming with zombies, raptors and sharks (oh my!)
Can you survive in the wild? Gather fruits, cut down trees with an axe, mine rocks with a pickaxe.
Upgrade your base and plant fruits in your own plot.
Cooperate with other players to explore the island. (Only PVE, no PVP at the moment)

Made for survival game jam with using survival framework.
Plots, some fruits, farm code and shark from Farmer Market, fireplace (simple) from Versed on CC*
Thanks to NoobDadGamer for the Crash Site and to Standardcombo & Coderz for various indepth code help!

Still focused on fixing bugs and then balancing the gameplay. Later on, planning to add more level progression, introduce different elements such as fishing, cooking, pets?

V1.0.10 hotfix for research to upgrade base notifications and obsidian drops
V1.0.9 MEGA UPDATE! Feb 24 2021
Note - please lock the server if you find any bugs. To view the logs type F4 and share any details of error messages - that would help me to debug, thanks!


  • limit increased to 9 players!
  • Now with Gems, the premium currency which can be used for following:
    • upon death, recover stash. Added stash recovery functionality, should recover any dropped backpacks as well
    • buy items in item shop, use to speed up research, planting
  • Daily gems can be earned - daily wanted item exchange and daily treasure chest
  • VIP and Supporter - Membership perks with added benefits to re!
  • Level up Base to max level of Lvl 16. Lvl 13 unlocks additional player stash.
  • Added Furnace which can be built on a plot area, which can be used to convert ores to bars. Note: it requires 1 unit of fuel source (either Coal or Charcoal). You can convert Wood to Charcoal using the Furnace.
  • Added Glider where you can soar the skies! Note that it consumes stamina and you will fall if you run out of stamina.
  • Added Teleport Band to teleport to base quickly.
  • Added Bed and Sleep functionality - you can now AFK safely without dying of hunger/thirst
  • Added Rain Clouds and rain effect: While in rain, slippery movement, reduces thirst.
  • Added ability to Lock server - server will stop accepting players.
  • New PARKOUR CHALLENGE! Can you find the Diamond Pickaxe?
  • Added Acacia tree - drops hardwood
  • Added Emerald and Coal
  • Added BGM
  • For axe/pickaxe click and hold LMB to attack continuously


  • Show notifications of crafting recipes researched/unlocked.
  • Show status effects
  • Show players with membership status
  • Registered Discord users get rewarded with something!
  • Reorganized side bar for clarity
  • Added Survival Guide


  • Fixed bugs: loot floating to roof issue. Sorry for all the deaths at home!
  • Fixed issue with research items disappearing
  • If players fall out of map they respawn at base automatically
  • Better Melee experience - adjusts melee for the client-server lag to ensure more responsive melee combat, removed impulse movements
  • Better enemy movement - enemies will not be able to reach you if you are mid-air.
  • Tweaks to enemies - dogs will not yeet anymore, sharks don't like zombie bait now
  • Better optimisation / compression of player data storage enabling for more storage
  • Should have backpack fixed (fingers crossed)


  • reduced banana stamina addition to +30, golden fruit effect to 20 secs instead of 30 secs
  • player HP, hunger and thirst are saved between games (more hardcore, no reload hax!) You can still KO yourself at home to reset all your stats easily though :stuck_out_tongue:

V1.0.4 - Dec 21, 2020

Added player stash at base which unlocks at level 3. Now you can store your stuff! (It should work..)
Being underwater is now based on an oxygen meter - get to the water surface to regain oxygen. Running out of stamina doesn't cause health damage.
Be warned - running out of oxygen is immediate death!
Moved planting /research view to the right side (to avoid blocking chat)
Fixed health / hunger / thirst bar display
Reduced fall damage slightly
Fixed dying twice bug when dying underwater
Made fixes to fruits & trees
Changed planting as previously you could open the plot again and recover the fruit. It now removes the entire stack of fruits completely so be warned - still have yet to figure out how to reduce amount by 1
Fixed research bar text
Fixed research for Golden Axe
Added some more barren oak trees - (hardwood can be found in oak trees)
Redid spawning logic - now you will spawn from base if you die.

V1.0.3 - Dec 19, 2020

fixed lag spike when upgrading base, added FX
adjusted safe zone - enemies unable to enter
changed spawning of trees with slight optimisation made
fixed bug with collecting fruits from own farms
fixed sharks to not spawn in inland / shallows water bodies
you can now drink water / reduce thirst by swimming in inland pools with potable water
tweaked recipes, added some unlocks, level up to level 12
made ui effects more responsive
expect different effects for fruits. Coconuts now reduce thirst
reduced player movement speed for better balancing
added heartbeat effect at low health
fixed water splash effect to be clientside
added sounds of waves and seagulls to seaside (a little buggy)

V1.0.2 - Dec 16, 2020
fixed crafting menu problem - stone axe now unlocks properly!
fixed upgrading issue which shows all your base upgrades
made mining of rocks and cutting of trees more responsive and hopefully fixes disappearing resources
fixed tree bug where the tree keeps dropping
fixed issue with collected rocks/wood not being cleared from memory
fixed obby area
reduced fall damage effect slightly..
capped shark spawns to be max 2

V1.0.1 - Dec 16, 2020
fixed water splashing effect
fixed iron ore drops
made forced network property reading for player farms.
fixed shark movement near water and automatic spawning in water bodies
fixed NPC movement near water
re-scaled NPC speed and damage (NPCs move faster but deal less damage)
added ore veins
added a small obby section :slight_smile:


Do let me know if you face any bugs or have any feature suggestions!


Hi , Are you still developing this game , Do you still want bugs ,

Well, do share any bugs that you face, I'll see if it can be resolved in future updates

Buen juego, lo empezamos hace unas semanas y es muy entretenido, esperemos más adelante puedan agregarle más funciones

Great template. Are you still working on it. I also want a template for my best data recovery software reddit. Let me know if you can help me with that. Thanks