Is there an Alternative to Events for sending information to the Player

I have the Resource 'Score' for each Player which he can increase and decrease in many different ways.
Every Player now has a 'Score Feed' which shows the amount and description if something is added to the Score similar to what 'Kill Feed' does for kills.
If something wants to add Points for the Player it uses an API on the Server which sends Information about the added Points to the Client.

I use Events with the 'NetworkAPI' Component from the Creator 'Theric' out of the Community Workshop which queues Events to prevent loosing any if the load is heavy to send the Informations to the Player.

The Problem is that because of the 10 Events per Second cap it can take a long time until the Information arrives at the Players screen if many Players receive information at the same time. With a higher number of Players the delay will also increase as the bandwith is shared between all Players.

In every Broadcast i send a table with:

  • Gained Points
  • A small table of Multiplier IDs
  • The title (from where the points came)
  • An ID for the color it should be presented with

Is there another faster way to give this Information to the Player ?
An alternative for networked events ?

You can also use networked custom properties to send data to players.