Is still valid, today: Core’s Creator Payouts Pilot Program?

Hello I just want to know if this program is valid until today.


Launching Core’s Creator Economy — $1 Million is Just the Start | by Manticore Games | Core Games

Core’s Creator Payouts Pilot Program
We designed the Creator Payouts Pilot Program around one simple concept: the more people play your game, the more you should get paid.
Each calendar month, creators in the program can receive $3 per average daily player. This will be calculated by taking the daily number of unique users who log into your games and averaging them across that month.
This means that if you have 500 unique users log into your games every day (they do not need to be the same players) you could receive $1,500 after the end of the month. If you average 1,000 users, you could receive $3,000. If you average 10,000 … you get the idea.
We chose this system because we want creators to be unified in the mission of making fun games and bringing new players to Core. You don’t need to manage subscriptions or design a vast catalog of microtransactions. Instead, the only thing you need to focus on is making great games that attract and retain players. The more players you and your fellow creators bring in, the more money you could make.