Is It Possible To Scale From Only ONE Side & Change Translate/Scale/Rotate Keybinds?

I've got a 2-in-1 question here.


Currently, my scale tool looks like this:


It scales on BOTH sides of the part when I scale, and I can't make it only scale on a signal side. Is this possible with Core?


While having an object selected, if I press R, it switches to Scale. IMO, it should be S, but I don't know how to change the keybinds. The Creator Keybinds tab in settings doesn't have these.

Thanks in advance!

i dont understand
if you drag the center white box its scale X Y Z
if you drag only with BLU box, its scale Y
if you drag only with RED box, its scale X
if you drag only with GREEN box, its scale Z

Yes, but it scales on BOTH sides of the axis. See what I mean?

ok, maybe you can use a panel 2D, not a 3D obj ?

There are certain objects that allow you to scale in one direction. For example, the bottom aligned cube scales upward instead of both up and down at the same time. There are a few more objects like that. Look for aligned in the name. Some things are bottom aligned and some are corner aligned (like wedges).