Invisible VFX in Multiplayer Preview/ visible in Solo Preview

So I am using several VFXs.

  • Energy Charge Up Hold VFX (energy sphere)
  • Beam Up Teleport VFX (Star Trek style animation)
  • Sci-Fi Radial element VFX (energy ring)

All of them are marked as "networked", because I change their size and visibility through a script.

For "Beam Up Teleport VFX" and "Sci-Fi Radial element VFX" everything works as intended (visibility and scale change through script), but the exact same process does not work for
" Energy Charge Up Hold VFX"

This VFX appears/works only in solo preview but not in multiplayer preview. When I remove the network label, it shows properly in multiplayer preview but I cannot apply any transformation to it!
I tried also to put it in a client context, but then I cannot access to the object from the script(FindDescendantByName in this case returns nil)..... It seems that networked objects do not access client context content?

What drives me crazy is the other VFXs work perfectly! The only difference I see between them is that the working ones are not looping animation, and the not working one is a looping animation. But does that really matter?

Please help, I am stuck. I want every player to see the "Energy Charge Up Hold VFX" and to apply transformations to it. How to do it?

Did you ever figure this out? I am having same issue.