Invisible ManHunt - BETA : Fundamentals Bootcamp Game, feedback needed!

Invisible ManHunt - BETA
2-12 players


Hey, are you a fan of Hide and Seek and Scavenger Hunt games? Well, then you'll love Invisible Man Hunt! It's a mashup of both genres!

There are two teams, the Hiders and the Seekers. As a Hider, you search the map for weapon parts, avoiding the Seekers' prying eyes! Your objective is to find out 4 weapon parts scattered across the map and then kill the Seekers that are hunting for you from The Dome. You are invisible to the Seekers' eyes, so use the walls and structures to your advantage and try to cause distractions for the Seekers while your teammates search for the parts!

As a Seeker, you need to work with your team to kill all the Hiders and win the game! The Hiders are not visible to you, because for you, the map is dark, use your water balloon gun and flashlights to your advantage and find the Hiders. If you shoot a Hider, they start leaving a trail of paint behind, which you can use to track them! Good teamwork is important, so make sure to use skills like the Location Markers!

And here's the fun part, all maps are procedurally generated, which means that no two games will be alike! Enjoy!

Planning to add various game modes, perhaps a free for all, and a PvE mode for single player.

There are a number of bugs, but more importantly, the game isn't extremely well balanced. Open to ideas on how to improve!
v1.0.24 -- public release