Intro Scene

Hello all! I'm brand-new to Core, and haven't seen anything about this yet. I figure that means it's probably not doable at the moment, but I figure better to ask and get a no than not ask and miss out.

I'm thinking about creating a multiplayer game, but I'd like to establish a bit of context. I was wondering if there's a way to play a scene the first time a player logs into the game, and perhaps give them an option to view it again from the menu. The scene would be in-engine, of course - I know you can't add things from outside yet.

Would this even be possible? Is there a way to do it, or would any context be relegated to the game's description?

Hello, DarthBob!

Something like this should certainly be possible, at least to some extent. I haven't looked at how it was implemented, but Gettin' Squirrelly has an intro screen that appears at the start of the game. Through some combination of Client Context to make it appear separately for each player and the Storage API to keep track of whether or not each player has seen the intro, you can implement a basic version of what you want. If you want to do something more cinematic, that will of course greatly increase the complexity.