Importing from community content not showing up in imported content

When I try to import something from community content, it says it was a success but it never shows up I'm imported content so I can't use it. If anyone knows how to fix it please help

Hi JakeShadow,
This is a feature of Core, where after importing Community Content it gets placed under
Core Content > Imported Content.
You need to drag it from there into your map before it will actually appear in your Project Content > Imported Content.

No, it's literally not showing up after an import. It says it's downloaded but it won't appear at all.

Hi DoomBox,
This is what you should see.
After a successful import the import button is greyed out.

Clicking on the Core Content tab (1), the item is listed under Imported content (2). I can then drag the item (3) into my hierarchy or directly into my map.
Are you not seeing anything listed under Imported Content or is it there but you can't find it in your map?
Does the same thing happen when importing other Community Content?
Does the same thing happen on a fresh project?

Yeah, this helped. A couple weeks ago when I was importing to my game it would take me directly to the imported content and recently it hasn't been switching the tab to take me to it. Sorry for the misunderstanding, the imported content is there :slight_smile: