I'm trying to make enemy waves, but everytime I go into preview and finish the first wave, every wave after the first one never starts

As said in the title, I can start the first wave. The enemies stop spawning after the first wave.

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Are you using a custom spawner or a premade spawner from Standardcombo? Are all the waves the same or do they change with each wave? Do you want a specific number of waves, or for waves to continuously spawn over a set time, or just never-ending?

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I'm trying to create a never ending wave

Use the waypoint spawner in the NPC AI kit. Duplicate the number of spawn points until you have the number you want, then set patrol points to go from the camp to where you want the wave to end. Set the respawn timers for the waypoint camp to the appropriate number of seconds for how long between one wave dies and the next appears. That should just keep sending new waves after the previous wave dies pretty much forever.