I would like my terrain to detect triggers

Hi There
In my game i gor a Volcano that launches meteors.
I would like them to crash on my terrain. But i can't find anyway to set "Can overlap triggers" on my Terrain.

So for now the basic solution i found is to set invisible planes on my terrain with collision and "Can overlap trigger" but my player is now kinda flying above Terrain.

Easy solution or tips to make Terrain overlapping triggers ?

Thanks !


You could use Physics Objects for your meteors and give them a collidedEvent via a script on the meteors. That would also allow them to roll across your terrain (you could destroy them after x seconds) and differentiate between terrain and players. Make sure you have a method that will definitely destroy them after a few seconds or they will use up your network allowances.

Thanks so much RedQuad ! Didn't look on the events and functions for PhysicObjects...
Working well now :wink: