I need some info for a big project

For the last two months I've been working on my first project. Right now I have a couple of problems slowing me down. And I could use some pointers.


  1. How can I turn Animated meshes to functioning NPCS? I need them to attack each other and the player.

  2. There are multiple storylines throughout the game but only one main story I need to be able to set up the tasks for each of the side quests and the main. How do I do this?

  3. Is there a way to enable headshots for quick kills? ( I want headshots to be rewarded with XP.)

  4. The foundation of this game is survival, I need the player to have to eat, sleep, drink and secure locations in order to rest. Is this possible and if so how do I accomplish it?

  5. Early in the game the player will have to change clothing at least twice in order to complete tasks. I've set up the areas for this but I'm having trouble getting the clothing on the dummy. How can I do this?

  6. I don't want the main enemies to show up until the player hits a trigger event . In this case the event is finding a missing girl. Is it possible to link the enemy spawn time to the event?

These are the main problems I'm facing right now. Any help with this is greatly appreciated. I don't want to publish the game till I've solved these issues, please help!!!!!!

Go to community content and search for the NPC AI Kit by Standardcombo. This will have everything you need for functional NPCs with headshot support. It includes several templates including spawners connected to conditional triggers and pathing waypoints.

If you go to create a new game and search community projects for survival, there is a survival game template that Core published. It'll help you get started with a lot of your other needs.

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