I need some help with darkness inside a cave. :)

Hello guys,
I'm loving Core! I have practically no experience with programming, but as an artist, being able to build my own scenarios is great! :grinning:

I am having trouble setting shade within an environment. I have this cave that I created where there is only one entrance. But inside it I don't know how to define darkness. It continues as if it has natural light even with stones on all sides. I looked for tutorials in the documentation provided, but I still haven't found information about it. Can anybody help me?


I actually haven't done this yet in any of my creations, so I'll look into it. Might want to grab Core Royale and see how the mines were done in that?

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Thanks! Good advice. I'll take a look at Core Royale.

I'd definitely check out the lights and skies in the hierarchy! I suspect it's probably within whatever sky you dragged in, to adjust or destroy that so the light doesn't slip on through.

You can definitely have shadows, and especially if you decide to add some point lights, you can press V in order to toggle visibility of gizmos (so the camera, the spawnpoint, the audio radius, and light area). :slight_smile:

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Thank you! It worked!
I edited the Sun Light properties a bit and managed to make the shadows more evident. In "Shadows Advanced" I enabled the option "soft distance shadows" and in "distance fadeout percentage" I set to 0. It worked like a charm! :slight_smile:

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Since it hasn't been mentioned yet, I'd also recommend taking a look at some of the post process effects in Core Content. For most of them, you can define a specific area they are active in, so you could get some pretty decent cave effects that way


Thank you Seth!
I will definitely test this out.

You're welcome, dig! Excited to see what you create. :sunglasses:

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