I can walk through a part that has collisions on

Hello, so I've recently started with Core and am still pretty new.
I'm having this strange issue where I can walk through a part that has its collisions set to "FORCE_ON"
I have the part saved as a Template and im spawning it in with World.SpawnAsset the part saved as the template has collisions set to FOCE_ON and I tried setting the collisions to FORCE_ON in the script nothing changed tho
If you have any idea what's wrong please let me know.



Good day,
try to rightcklick on the Part and then click update template from this, (If this dont work can you pls get a screnshoot where the cube bzw. the Part is oppened)

Forgot about this post I got everything fixed thanks and that wouldn't change anything I've already updated the template lol

good day.