GAME NAME: City of Monsters
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Defeat deadly monsters out of fantasy! Town is in danger of being destroyed.

City of Monsters is a third/first person sandbox game. Sell loot drops for gold. Buy better guns. Cooperative play for up to 8 players. Get out there and get 'em!

*Will have to see what I can manage

log of your game's version notes, copy from game page. example:
1.0.0 - Initial release


*Known Limitations:
Vehicles are WONKY. Among other things they cause lag.

Nav mesh made the monsters move around in a herky jerky way.
Consequently monsters go right through walls and spend time on top
of things.

Raptor Hard headshot zone is more of a chest shot zone.
Moving and enlarging the NPCHeadshot radius has been ineffective.

All those lovely stats in the inventory ui are not hooked up. Don't know how.

Armor is purely cosmetic and upgrades are pointless: see above

Many doors are missing. They are expensive networked objects.
Would like players to be able to move around in buildings.

Some Helmets Obscure vision when looking through sniper scope
in first person mode.

Achievement Points are bogus. They are just there so the achievement
system worked properly. Otherwise it was saying you were getting
rewards that you were not.

Special Thank yous:

Everyone at Manticore Games

Miramare Heist By: ashahire

Animated Spider - NPC ready By: PiousLachance

A single roll of toilet paper By: Aj

Cashout_Model_LC By: LittleCreator

Cash Register v2 By: Phranko

Chest Armor By: Acyd

[Coffee Shop] Drink Refrigerator By: Disastronaut
[Coffee Shop] Parking Lot By: Disastronaut

Adv UI Health Bar [WIP] By: Buckmonster

Burn it All By: MrDrRobotMan

City Play Park By: marious0423

CORE Weapons Pack By: Bigglebuns

Crystal and Minerals (AG) By: Abel1884
For the crystal colors

Damaged Shelving-top board BY: Brocknight10

DDPathfinder By: truedarkdev

Devil Ducky by marious0423

Equipment Display Purchase Pad By: randomphantom

First Person to Third Person Camera Changer By: Hani

GADIG_hospital By; hrh0199

Gas Pump By: NoobDadGamer

Gas Station By: Amybot77

Greet Players UI By: MrDrRobotoMan

Health Pack by Anthony

Loot Drop Factory By: standardcombo

META Adventure System By: TeamMETA

Microwave By: Zeus

Military Helmet By: standardcombo

Milk Crate By: coreslinkous

MX2000 Quest System By: MX2000

Neon Sign - Open By: varglbargl

NPC AI Kit By: standardcombo

Park Gazebo By: marious0423

Red Crystal By: Darman117

Resource Pickup Optimized By: standardcombo

Respawn on Fall By: InsertYourself

Rolling Toolbox By: NoobDadGamer

Simple Audio Trigger Zone By: deadlyfishes_mc

Sorcerers Watch NPC Bundle By: JasonCdesign

Soda Machine By: LiaTheDonkey

spilt (or spilled) root beer By: MRPuffball80

Sprint System By: Thvald

Tutorial UI By: Gabunir

Utility Shelf by NDG By: NoobDadGamer

Washer & Dryer By: Marious0423

XP Bar + Leveling System By: Morticai *

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